Review in Connie’s Reviews Blog

‘Thin Ice’, 2010; Crime Stories by New England Writers; Eighth Annual Anthology; Level Best Books

‘The Bank Job’ by Bev Vincent is a very cleverly written plot with the story cetering on the power of loyalty and friendship among men. Vincent’s story is one of my favorites and I thoroughly enjoyed the humor he injects in his cast of characters. The story sound so ‘Jersey’ I loved it! A quite unusual story.

Judith Green’s ‘A Good Safe Place’ left me hanging in the end without closure or any hint of explanation, leaving me frustrated.

‘Size Matters’ by Sheila Connolly is a well written plot that is concise and uncomplicted with ordinary characters in an unusual situation. With her insight, Connolly has blended it all together for a delightful story with a great ending. One of my favorites!

Leslie Wheeler’s ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ was probably my favorite. Filled with suspense and surprises to the very end. Wheeler has a special knack for portraying her characters with diversity and a little craziness. ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ kept me engrossed with the story line and such intriguing characters. This story was exceptionally different!!

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