Crime Fiction Anthologies

The Second Anthology to feature contributors from the Writers’ Police Academy will be published August 1, 2020.

Contributing Authors
Reed Farrel Coleman – Heather Graham
Lisa Regan – Denise Grover Swank
Deborah LeBlanc – Phoef Sutton – Joe Bonsall
Paula Munier – Katherine Ramsland
Michael A. Black – Lisa Black – Denene Lofland
Lee Lofland – Les Edgerton – Mike Roche
Bruce Coffin – Rick McMahan
Pamela Samuels-Young – Cheryl Yeko
Melanie Atkins – Allison Davis – Dennis Palumbo Marco Conelli – Lorraine Shumate
Shawn Reilly Simmons – Harriette Sackler
Verena Rose – Stacy Allen
After Midnight
Tales from the Graveyard Shift

Release Date: August 1, 2019

The curtain rises on this collection of twisted tales, revealing the words of thriller author Lee Child. Child sets the stage for a series of mysterious and strange goings-on that occur between the hours of midnight and dawn…the graveyard shift.
Contributing authors in this first anthology produced by the Writers’ Police Academy include bestselling mystery and crime authors, top television writers, true crime experts, and more.

Included Stories:
Lucky Cop by RJ Beam
The Brass Ring by Michael A. Black
Sunshine Berkman by Joseph S Bonsall
Ride Along by Allison Brennan
Neighborhood Watch by Ry Brooks
The Bookends Murder by Robin Burcell
Gentrified Homicide by Marco Conelli
Prime Rib from Brahma by Les Edgerton
The Devil in the Flesh by Heather Graham
Justifiable Homicide by Lisa Klink
Rookies by Howard Lewis
LeishMANIA by Denene Lofland
The Sheriff of Macabre County by Lee Lofland
Code Murder by Linda Lovely
Baddest Outlaws by Rick McMahan
A Confluence in Stow by Emilya Naymark
Shared Secrets by Carrie Stuart Parks
The Case of the Staring Man by Katherine Ramsland
Panther Bait by Mike Roche
Disco Fries and Homicide by Shawn Reilly Simmons
3:45 in the Peacock Room of the Channel Grill on 6th Street 
by Phoef Sutton
Hostage (A Love Story) by Cheryl Yeko
With a Foreword by Lee Child
Me Too Short Stories
An Anthology

Crimes against women, tales of retribution and healing
Release Date: September 3, 2019
What do women want? A voice. To be heard. Respect. To be believed. Justice. To be both safe and free. The women in these stories have daughters, sisters, friends. The minister worries about her parishioners. The banshee worries about the Hippocratic Oath. The microbiologist worries about her obligation to the dead. They will use any means to protect themselves and those they love: a childish jingle, a skillet full of cornbread, a candle, their own quick wits. We cannot ignore their voices.

Including Stories by
Rona Bell ~ Ana Brazil ~ Julia Buckley ~ Diana Catt ~ Dayle A. Dermatis
Eve Fisher ~ Gin Gannon ~ C.C. Guthrie ~ Lynn Hesse ~ V.S. Kemanis
Madeline McEwen ~ Julia Pomeroy ~ Ann Rawson ~ Carole Sojka ~ Elizabeth Zelvin
Noir at the Salad Bar: Culinary Tales with a Bite

Includes the story “Smoked” by Michael Bracken
which appears in The Best American Mystery Stories 2018

This crime fiction anthology features gastronomic mysteries, dark and twisted tales with a common theme of food and drink. The contributing writers represent a mix of bestselling authors, brand new voices, and seasoned professionals from the crime writing community. Bon Appétit!

Included are stories by 
E.A. Aymar ~ Michael Bracken ~ Joyce Ann Brown ~ Mara Buck ~ Karen Cantwell
John R. Clark ~ Frank Collia ~ Sheila Connolly ~ Sharon Daynard ~ Jenny Drummey
Martin Edwards ~ Gerald Elias ~ John M. Floyd ~ Jason Half ~ Isobel Horsburgh ~ E L Johnson Larry Lefkowitz ~ Michael Allan Mallory ~ L. D. Masterson ~ Lorraine Sharma Nelson ~
Alan Orloff ~ A.B. Polomski ~ Rima Perlstein Riedel ~ Verena Rose ~ Barbara Ross
Harriette Sackler ~ Shawn Reilly Simmons ~ Louise Taylor ~ Elaine Togneri ~ Leslie Wheeler
Where Crime Never Sleeps:
Murder New York Style 4
What is the essence of the New York experience? A stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge? A concert at Carnegie Hall? Crossing the finish line at the New York Marathon? A trip to the Bronx Zoo? Or any one of these—plus murder? These seventeen stories by members of the New York/Tri-State Chapter of Sisters in Crime, with a foreword by Margaret Maron, explore the mystery and mayhem that lurk in every corner of the most unpredictable, irrepressible, inimitable city on the planet.

“A dream of an anthology for readers who appreciate a classic mystery unfolding in a perfectly characterized setting. A terrific collection of short stories!” ~ Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Ex

“A collection of stories as diverse, original and exciting as New York itself. I really loved this book.” ~ Alison Gaylin, USA Today bestselling author

Including stories by:
Rona Bell ~ Fran Bannigan Cox ~ Lindsay A. Curcio ~ Joseph R. G. DeMarco
Ronnie Sue Ebenstein ~ Catherine Maiorisi ~ Nina Mansfield ~ Mary Moreno ~ Anita Page Ellen Quint Roslyn Siegel ~ Kathleen Snow ~ Triss Stein ~ Cathi Stoler ~  Mimi Weisbond
Stephanie Wilson-Flaherty ~ Elizabeth Zelvin
Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat 
is a crime fiction anthology containing stories by and about law enforcement professionals.

Including stories by
Jack Bates ~ Micki Browning ~ Leone Ciporin ~ Bruce Robert Coffin Randall DeWitt ~ Sharon Daynard ~ Peter DiChellis ~ Martin Edwards Sanford Emerson ~ Tracy Falenwolfe Kate Clark Flora ~ Gavin Keenan
C.C. Guthrie ~ LD Masterson ~ Steve Liskow
Cyndy Edwards Lively ~ Ruth McCarty ~ Alison McMahan ~ Claire A Murray ~ Dale T Phillips A.B. Polomski ~ Keenan Powell ~ KM Rockwood Verena Rose ~ Steve Roy ~ Harriette Sackler Brenda Seabrooke
Shawn Reilly Simmons ~ Albert Tucher ~ Kari Wainwright
Vicki Weisfeld