Mystery Scene Review of Blood Moon

by Bill Crider in Short & Sweet, page 52 in the Winter Issue #128  (2013) Mystery Scene Magazine.

“It took four editors to put together the 31 stories in Blood Moon (Level Best Books, $15.95): Mark Ammons. Katherine Fast, Barbara Ross and Leslie Wheeler. They say the book contains the “Best New England Crime Stories,” and they aren’t just bragging. It’s a fine, wide-ranging anthology with everything from noir to humor. Has anyone used Henry David Thoreau as an amateur sleuth before? B.B. Oak does so in “Death from a Bad Heart,” and Thoreau proves to be quite good at detection.. “It’s not what you look at,” he says, “it’s what you see.” That sounds like Thoreau, all right.

The book opens with V. R. Barkowski’s award-winning “Out to Sea,” a dark tale with an ending you won’t forget for a while, and it concludes with editor Ammons microflash story, “Epitaph.” Very short, and very scary if you’re a writer.”

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