Dead Calm

Best New England Crime Stories 2012: Dead Calm

“… twenty-seven original and entertaining stories by some of the best and brightest authors New England has to offer.”

Brenda Scott, Manchester Contemporary Literature Examiner,

“…each story in this collection is guaranteed to make readers smile by its sheer cleverness alone.”

Christine Zibas.

“…irrefutable evidence that great and entertaining writing is alive and well…”

Rae Francoeur, MetroWest Daily News

New England’s most acclaimed, award-winning crime and mystery writers, along with several exciting new voices, weave twenty-seven original tales from the region’s dark side.

With stories from Mark Ammons, John Bubar, Louisa Clerici, Dashiell Crowe, Sharon Daynard, Katherine Fast, Kate Flora, Nancy Gardner, Judy Green, Woody Hanstein, J.A. Hennrikus, C. A. Johman, Janice Law, Steve Liskow, Daniel Moses Luft, Cheryl Marceau, Ruth M. McCarty, Peggy McFarland, Michael Nethercott, Adam Renn Olenn, Pat Remick, Joe Ricker, Barbara Ross, Mary E. Stibal, Tom Sweeney, Leslie Wheeler.

Contains the Derringer-nominated Best Short Stories “Coronation” by Adam Renn Olenn and “Sisters in Black” by Mary E. Stibal as well as the winner of the 2011 Al Blanchard Award, “Prom Shoe on Nantasket Beach” by Lee Robertson!

The cover photo is by Kristen Daynard.