M. Glenda Rosen

Dead in Bed

A Senior Sleuths Mystery (#1)

by M. Glenda Rosen

When an alarm goes off at the Skyline Vista Condos, a posh high-rise building for the active and engaging senior set, a body is found…Dead in Bed. When police are left with little evidence to find the killer, the adventure begins for our Senior Sleuths. Dick and Dora Zimmerman follow the clues through New York neighborhoods from Lower Manhattan to the Meatpacking District to Brooklyn before the trail turns cold and a killer gets away with the goods.

Dick and Dora Zimmerman aren’t your average senior couple. They solve crimes together, including murder. They are reminiscent of the beloved Thin Man characters, Nick and Nora Charles. Along with their friends, like Zero the Bookie and Frankie Socks, fresh from the Witness Protection Program, the Zimms  are sleuths with the time, the money, the smarts, and the chutzpah to uncover and piece together the clues to chase down their foe.

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Dead in Seat 4-A

A Senior Sleuths Mystery (#2)

by M. Glenda Rosen

Why was the man in seat 4-A murdered?

The Las Vegas sheriff is not happy to have Dick and Dora back in town, especially since they arrived on a plane with a dead body. When the senior sleuthing couple is around, trouble is not far behind.

When Dora is kidnapped and taken to The Mob Museum along with Zero’s new girlfriend, who he only just met on an online gambling site, Dick and his cohorts embark on a frantic journey to get them back. Along the way they meet a dangerous cast of characters ranging from cheats and embezzlers to cold blooded killers. For Dick and Dora, the race is on to catch a murderer before someone else becomes a victim.

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About M. Glenda…

M. Glenda Rosen has previously published four books in her mystery series Dying to Be Beautiful. Rosen is also author of The Woman’s Business Therapist and My Memoir Workbook.  She was founder and owner of a successful marketing and public relations agency for many years and received numerous awards for her work with business and professional women.  She currently resides in Carmel, California.

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