New Editors at Level Best Books


Group Plans to Publish 2010 Anthology

Boston, July 26, 2010/ Level Best Books announced today that it will continue publishing its annual anthology with a new group of editors at the helm. Level Best, an independent publishing cooperative, has released a collection of crime stories by New England authors every November for the last seven years. The current editors, Kate Flora, Ruth McCarty and Susan Oleksiw, had recently announced that the 2009 collection, titled Quarry, would be their last.

The new editors plan to publish a collection, titled Thin Ice, in November, 2010, in time for Crime Bake, the annual mystery writers conference sponsored by the New England Chapters of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

“The Level Best anthologies have become an indispensable part of the New England mystery landscape,” said Mark Ammons, a member of the new editorial team. “Over the years, Level Best brought us a wealth of great stories from both established writers and new voices. We want to continue that tradition.”

The new editor-publishers are all authors active in the New England mystery-writing community. Two of the four had their first fiction published by Level Best.

Mark Ammons’ story, “The Catch,” published in the 2007 Level Best anthology, Still Waters, won the Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for best first mystery and was also nominated for an Edgar® Award, the first time since the Fish prize was established in 1984 that the winner was also an Edgar nominee.

Kat Fast’s story, “The List,” was published in the 2008 Level Best collection, titled Deadfall. Her stories have also appeared in NEWN, the publication of the New England Writers’ Network. “The Bonus” won NEWN’s 500-word flash fiction award in 2007.

Barbara Ross’ mystery novel, The Death of an Ambitious Woman, will be published by Five Star/Gale/Cengage Learning in August, 2010. “New Derby, New Year’s Eve” appeared in the 2004 Level Best anthology Riptide and “Winter Rental” in the 2006 collection Seasmoke.

Leslie Wheeler is the author of the Miranda Lewis “living history” mysteries also published by Five Star/Gale/Cengage Learning with Murder at Spouters Point coming in October, 2010. Her short stories have appeared in four Level Best collections, including “Neighbors” in Windchill, 2005, “Skystalker” in Seasmoke, 2006, “Visual Field” in Still Waters, 2007, and “Twenty-one Days,” in Deadfall, 2008.

“We’re delighted that such a strong group of editors will be continuing Level Best,” said Kate Flora, former editor. “Susan, Ruth and I are very proud of the anthologies we published and know the quality will remain as high with this extraordinary new team.”

The new Level Best editors will be contacting authors who submitted stories for Thin Ice. For more information contact

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