Adam Renn Olenn

Adam Renn Olenn was born in Providence, Rhode Island and figured out how to read by the time he was three.  He studied English at the University of Virginia and music composition at the Boston Conservatory, and lives near Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and children. He blogs at and you can find him on Facebook at and Twitter at

In “Coronation”, a young writer travels to the home of a Famous Writer to discover the source of his inspiration.  The answer is quite surprising. What was the source of your inspiration for this story?

Accomplished authors invariably get asked where their ideas come from, and often answer to the tune of “I just keep working and they show up.”  I wondered what would happen if the writer’s answer was simply that he was acting as a journalist to his own bizarre experiences.

The idea seemed to come from nowhere.  I was walking to my writing space, wondering what I’d write about that day, and then this notion just materialized in my mind.  It smelled like a good one, so I picked up the pace to get right to work.

“Coronation,” your first published fiction, was nominated for a Derringer Award for best short. Can you tell us something about your journey as a writer?

I wrote poetry and prose through college, but after that I mostly focused on writing orchestral music.  I played in bands for several years after that, and returned to writing in 2008.  I wrote a short story that blossomed into a novel, and have been working exclusively on fiction ever since.

What are you working on now?

I have a few pots simmering on the stove.  I’ve finished a draft of my second novel, and will begin revising it in the next few weeks.  I’m also pushing myself to finish as many pieces as possible for the 2012 edition of Best New England Crime Stories.  I have three ready to go and another three in-progress.  That way I’ll have to decide which stories are the very best fit for Level Best Books.

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