Kat Fast

Kat Fast is on her eighth or ninth life focusing on fiction writing, watercolor and handwriting analysis. Her story “The List” was published in Level Best’s Deadfall anthology. “The Bonus” won NEWN’s Flash Fiction contest in 2007. She’s now doing her level best as an editor. She lives with her husband, big Boss dog, and two cats in Weston, Massachusetts. Visit Kat’s website at www.katfast.com.

Your story in Thin Ice, “A Perfect Landing” is a turnabout tale of marriage and murder.  What was your inspiration for this story?

The story is a patchwork derived from personal experiences. In one far chapter of my life I knew a number of veteran Marine Corps fighter pilots, their charm, derring-do, near-death experiences, infidelities, and awesome adolescence.

When I sent Thin Ice off as a Christmas present to a few friends, I had to apologize to one for knocking him off. That wasn’t as difficult to explain as an earlier story in Deadfall where I offed my mother-in-law. Heck, somebody’s gotta die.

You’re a painter as well as a writer.  How does your work as a visual artist inform your fiction writing?

I suspect many authors have keen visual acuity. The places that I write about thrive in detail in my little brain. I wander through the rooms, crawl through the tunnels and creep down the back stairs. Some of these places I’ve known, and some I’ve made up, but all are very real to me. I also have a sense of what each character’s handwriting looks like.

What are you working on now?

I have a sequel to an unpublished prequel to resurrect and a few short stories that need an extra tweak.

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