Virginia Young

Virginia Young wrote for the South Shore News and contributed articles to The Patriot Ledger.

A painter, sculptor and writer, Virginia’s main interest is fiction.  She received honorable mention through a Writer’s Digest Magazine contest, and has been published in literary journals, Hoi Polloi and Shore Voices. Her novel, Out of the Blue, was published and released August first, 2010. Visit her Facebook fanpage here.

Your story in Thin Ice “Inside Out” has a unique narrative structure that’s key to the storytelling.  How did you approach writing this story?

I approached the writing with thoughts of what made me afraid.  I wanted the protagonist to have the sense of being alone in a frightening storm, and at the same time, I wanted the reader to know that there were envious eyes watching from the outside.  My objective was to create tension.

Your novel Out of the Blue was published in 2010.  How do you approach writing short stories versus novel length fiction?  What’s the difference?

Writing Out of the Blue was an enormously fun project.   I wrote it in eight weeks while taking the summer off from my writing group.  At one point, there was nearly a homicide in this house, as my “helpful” husband decided to move my work to another file and lost five chapters, never to be found.  After sanity was restored, I rewrote those chapters, and I think they came close to the original and perhaps better.  Writing a short story happens often late at night and quite fast.  I have the concept formed and I just begin to write.  With a novel, I think about it for days, maybe weeks, and in one case, years.  I write sentences or thoughts in a notebook, everything relating to my idea for the characters I’ll be living with for a long while.  My characters are the mainstay in my writing, no matter what the length of my piece—to me, they exist.

What are you working on now?

I have just finished editing a second romance set in Mystic, Connecticut, which will come out before Valentine’s Day.  I have a third romance scheduled for June, which is set in Maine – the objective is to set a romantic novel in each of the six New England states in places I love.  Out of the Blue was set in Plymouth, about ten miles from my home.

I also have three other novels.  One of them I am “pitching” at the Cape Cod Writers’ Night Out in Hyannis – this is an event in which we imagine trying to interest an agent.  It is called By a Thread and is nearly four-hundred pages, not a romance, but has romance within.

A second novel is a suspense, and the most recent is a young adult about a girl who sleep walks and finds herself outside at night communicating with an owl.

I love writing just about as much as I love reading.  I also paint and sculpt – I feel very fortunate to enjoy such a wonderful way to live.

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